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oh no

I really like ffxiv


What server do you play on, my dear?

Balmung, one of the RP servers.

My main character, Anja Sabline, is on Sargatanas but I might roll on an alt on a RP server. How’s the community in general been, so far?

My main is D’aito Kuji.

But unfortunately I haven’t been on in a while.  The Council and this Friday assault team practice has been keeping me too busy.

FF:XIV RP is good(ish) ((better than TSW - imo)).  It’s probably easier to find a RP Free Company (cabal) on one of the RP forums.  I found mine at

But in the markets or other places where players congregate, there’s good opportunities for RP.  I’ve had RP encounters strolling at the beach, for example.

It could maybe depend on your species.  Miqo’tes are kind of known for their…interest in intimacy - so there’s been, in my experience, a need to dance around that issue a few times.  I generally don’t ERP because it makes me laugh and I can’t stay in-character.

But in my RP group, it’s been pretty good.  There’s the usual standing around and chit chatting which isn’t my favorite BUT we’ve managed a few group/mission related RPs and those ARE my favorite.

((I’m playing a female Miqo’te on Gilgamesh, and so far there’s been no weird propositioning for ERP or anything like that. I’ve been able to find bits of random RP well enough, and there seems to be plenty of events that go on. That being said, I’ve heard the RP community is larger on Balmung. On the flip side of that coin, I’ve ALSO heard that because Balmung is larger and better established, it’s harder to get involved with them. It sounds to me like both Gilgamesh and Balmung have their good and bad points, but I’ve genuinely been enjoying Balmung. I might make the suggestion to a new player to try both servers, and poke around a bit on the RP forum you linked to see which one catches your interest more.

And I might as well take a moment to plug our Free Company here too. It’s super new (because we’re all super new), but everyone in it so far is really laid back. We have an IC Linkshell, in case there are people who would like to ally with us, without joining the FC. I’m still working on the website, but you can find it here: ))

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